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Do The Wave


An Ocean of Motion

To understand the principle, we need to understand the mechanisms. We are proposing that the Universe expresses (exists) as a hologram. A hologram is essentially composed of information stored as waves on a flat surface. Waves is waves, they work the same in air, water or “empty” space. How they operate is significant – energy is transmitted over distances without shifting the medium beyond its motion perpendicular to the direction of travel of the energy.

There are some illuminating graphic illustrations of wave motion at Dan Russell’s Acoustics and Vibration Animations. This is the Longitudinal page, showing how waves transmit energy without moving beyond their own space. Note how the Transverse wave requires a third dimension to propagate through, where the longitudinal format allows the energy to propagate without affecting dimensionality or requiring an additional dimension in which to propagate.

To further illustrate: Oceans in Motion: Waves and Tides

So data may be transmitted through distance without change to the underlying systems. This becomes significant when desiring to access the information. It is always right where you left it!

But science has shown that every piece of information in a hologram contains information about the entire hologram. And holograms are sets of waves, which merge (link, or synchronize) when “observed,” to create an apparent three-dimensional image. Keep this in mind as you progress through the concepts on this site, you will find it to be a recurring theme…

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