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About Us

The Matrix Calls


Each of us is our own self-contained Matrix. Each one of us is the unique result of DNA transcription (nature) responding to everything we have ever experienced (nurture, sort of, better defined as life experience,) every single thing that has happened to you, good, bad or indifferent. The vector of this composite development, the direction life points us, determines much of what we believe, desire and act upon. The desire to break free of the conditioning that has held us hostage since birth battles with the desire for comfortable familiarity. Most of the time, habit wins easily and our curiosity remains dormant – or indeterminate, like Schrödinger’s cat…. But every once in a while, something so piques our curiosity that we just have to look more closely. This site is the result of one of my inadvertent combinations of Life Experience (the “Matrix”) and the satori that comes from making connections across knowledge sets. Also necessary was the advent of the WordPress-style site, which enabled creation of the content without most of the coding. Which let the idea take precedence and come forth. To Matrix-ulate

But regardless of circumstance, there is still one’s inner nature that remains independent of all that, which can work with or against our apparent best interests. That which makes one man a hero can make another a villain, and have no effect on a third. I am on my journey, you are on your journey. But we can make a portion of the trip together, if you’d like. For one of the first things you will confront is the inescapable fact that we are, physically as well as psycho-spiritually, one “thing,” one evolving mutual event.

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