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Quantum Universe-ity

Blow Your Mind?

Blow Your Mind?

Where To Begin?

There is a lot of technical and scientific background information that should be understood, at least at a peripheral level, to make sense of the ideas presented here.

This will be my attempt to educate/explain/indoctrinate/proselytize any interested persons into incorporating these ideas into their world-view. Sometimes when I read this page I am concerned that my tone sounds arrogant. If you read it that way, I apologize in advance, no disparagement is intended. I’m working on it…

Baby Steps: Atoms

If you have had a basic science education, you are aware, at least intellectually, that everything we perceive is made up of atoms. If you were not afforded this luxury/necessity, try viewing these videos to get to Ground Zero.
A Boy and His Atom
How Small Is An Atom?
The Symphony of Science featuring Morgan Freeman and Steven Hawking

OK? You agree we are “atomic,” and therefore our bodies are – mostly – empty space…

Even Smaller Steps:

The next step, zooming deeper, is where it starts to get interesting. We currently deal with sub-atomic experimentation in individual, unconnected events – smash a few atoms together and see what shakes out. And this is great for understanding that piece of the puzzle, but leaves nobody examining the larger picture of these entities (I am avoiding referring to them as either particles or bundles of energy at this moment.) Much like examining the CD bit-stream data or oscilloscope trace of a symphony playing Beethoven in order to understand the music. (In fact, very much like watching a musical waveform…) To illustrate:

Sliced Beets

audio wave

Zooming into a wave to sample level

Continuing to zoom down to the individual sample tells us many things about the information in the wave. But it cannot explain or describe this:


At this stage, science is studying quarks, strings, strong and weak forces, etc., the foundations of the interface between objective and subjective reality. But we need to delve yet deeper to reach the bottom of the physical illusion.

From M[ass] (Matter) to E[nergy] (Wave)

Descending (magnifying) further, we reach the end-point where Mass (or Matter) is expressed as pure Energy. This is probably the most mentally challenging piece of the puzzle; when you can grasp this at the gut level, the rest is much simpler. I have linked a number of references to this issue, and there will be more to come:
We Are Made of Energy, Not Matter
Quantum Physics: Sensing Unbroken Wholeness
Nothing Is Solid and Everything Is Energy

Warning: These have a “spiritualist” component, though there is still some good info. The explanations are useful, the conclusions I leave up to you. I personally see no evidence of a moralistic universe, it unnecessarily complicates the science, and if this Church had a doctrine, it would agree.
Discover pure ENERGY
Waving Goodbye to Waves and Particles as Separate Things

Transcend Mental Dedication

We live within this body, within this world. without questioning its reality. Coming to logical grips with the idea that this is illusion is neither simple nor obvious, our logical minds reject much of this is absurd, and must be reassured that it is true. The first step is just reading, observing, search the net and YouTube for articles by respected, well-grounded people who subscribe to the principles – this much is basic science, nothing new. Quantum concepts have been studied for more than 100 years, yet we are only now beginning to incorporate the “new” ideas into our daily worldview. So give yourself some time to merge the ideas into your mind/body image.

An exercise to assist in this visualization:  Relax as fully as you can, starting with your toes and feet and work your way up to your arms, shoulders and head. When you are fully relaxed and focused, choose a visible spot on your body and mentally zoom into that spot. Let yourself feel the cells, then the molecules, the atoms, and finally – the space between the electrons. We are mostly empty space – space between the atoms, and space between the electrons and nuclei. Let yourself feel this. If you feel it, try zooming in even deeper, so the space between atoms feels similar to the solar system. When you get restless (or bored,) come on back and we’ll continue to Lesson 2:

The Quantum Hologram In Depth

Within the singularity that generated the “Big Beginning,” Time and Space became realized. And the universe began to unfold. Until that moment, time did not exist (this may be untrue, this universe is expressed as a singleton, but there is strong evidence that we are part of a larger set of universes – the Multiverse. But this simply drops the questions back a layer – or a Turtle.) Either way, the Big Bang’s expanding leading edge is what I refer to as the Quantum Hologram. There is only one actual time – Now. And Now, though gravity may bend it a bit to accommodate things like this galaxy, continues to expand along with the rest of the universe that we inhabit.

I am proposing a concept that may already exist – Universal Now. Regardless of distance from this planet/galaxy, the Cosmic Rubber Sheet of Now stipulates that this Planck-clock cycle is Universal Now regardless of distance or apparent separation in space or time.  We will need this variable when we begin to address the nature of the no-space universe, the explanation of what actually IS, if this reality ISN’T.

I am also introducing the idea of Quantum Hologram as phonograph record analog, with Time functioning as the phonograph needle, or perhaps more accurately, functioning as the head of the Cosmic Turing Machine, the “Quantum Universal Computer”.  (In the process, I am revealing how old I really am, after all the posturing about how we are a digital universe, when it is time to explain, I use the analog format, because it is easier to visualize than the Compact Disc, playback process – which is, ironically, probably much closer to the actuality…)

There is a phrase from the mystical past that tried to describe this phenomenon – the Akashic Records. As it turns out, a better analogy is the Akashic Writable DVD (Divine Video Document.)

Picture the ever-expanding edge of Now revealing/expressing our unfolding Reality like a recording reveals the next bar of music (except the CD already has the entire performance finalized, whereas the universe is being actualized/unfolded/”recorded” according to the combined Intent(s) of the consciousnesses participating.  Sorry for the arcane phrasing, this begins to sound like something from The Secret without my overt intent, I just have not found a better way to describe the chaos-present-to-frozen-past analogy. Perhaps viewing a movie frame-by-frame captures a bit of the process, but not the intent. Higher dimensional viewers could see the entire sequence, but it is being created in this Now. Most of it is local to our region of space, but that can change.

If the Akashic DVD is an effective model, it suggests the existence – not of a “God,” per se, but of a clear separation of physical manifestation and consciousness. Expressing this mathematically may require a “God” placeholder to justify all these consciousnesses (consciousni? nessies? OK, either ‘concs’ or floating zombie brains…) doing the observing.

Ain’t enough to disprove the existence of Reality – ya also gotta explain the ability to do the math in the first place. And don’t ask me to explain all the concs, that’s the theology side of the fence. (And yes, that is a huge cop-out, but here we are. Comments welcome.)

If you can picture this Cosmic Symphony in your mind, you are ready for the next step – defining and understanding “Intent.”. (Coming soon, watch this space, still figuring out the mechanics, and determined not to turn it into a self-help blog…)

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