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Top Down, No Touching Allowed

Nothing Touches

If Nothing Touches, Then…

The basic science and abstract reasoning I (intend to) use here is built around the foundation that at the bottom, we are all “pure” energy. (Don’t take that the wrong way, there are no virgin electrons.)

On this page, we will break down perceived reality step by step until we reach this energy-only universe, and help you “feel it in your bones.” This is science, not my speculation, and to gain insight into this strange quantum arena, where it appears that rules are lop-sided, backward and disturbing, requires significant effort – the firmer one’s grasp on “reality” or the firmer one’s religious beliefs (from where I sit those diverse viewpoints oddly enough stem from the same root,) the more this sounds like nonsense.

And nonsense it may well be. But not non-science. This is why I call it a Church, I have faith in science’s processes (though not entirely with the Scientific Method as currently implemented – and funded) – so here it is, with my intuits merged in. I’ll try to simplify and/or clarify later, but for now:

The Elevator Ride To Nothing…

Our bodies are organized at many simultaneous scalar levels.  “As above, so below” has been pretty well proven. So here “we” are, walking round, talking, being. Inside, our organs continue organ-ing away; heart pumping, muscles contracting, spleen doing whatever the hell it does (is ‘spleening‘ even a word? And Lucy fans, that’s ‘splaining…) Those organs may respond to the “physical” demand – tennis vs. typing on Facebook – but they don’t care that the energy is used for running vs. swimming, or the reason why you were running. They just know there was a demand for extra effort, and responded. Their universe exists independent of your external goals – picking up groceries, picking up the kids, picking up groceries for the kids…

Deeper and Deeper…

This body could not do its magic without those organs. and they, in turn, rely on the cellular-level life – living cells, plasma, etc. And those cells know nothing of the organ’s function, only their specific contribution to their world of cellular action, mitosis, division, etc.
Here’s What Cells Do…

Just Keep Zooming, Just Keep Zooming…

Then we continue looking closer and closer: molecules, atoms, subatomic particles and eventually photons and quantum phenomena. Once we are at the sub-atomic levels the entities’ electrical charge means they repel each other…

Meanwhile, at some magnification, the effects of gravity seem to no longer be significant, More on this here, in a Japanese study. I have not yet integrated this data into my system/worldview, but am very interested to see where this leads. Cells do appear to feel and respond to earth’s gravity. Atoms? I could not find anything definitive, but it appears – not so much, though this may again be a matter of scale and the limits of our instrumentation.

Somewhere in there, around the photon realm, it appears to no longer is necessary to be particulate, to have observable mass,  E=mc² is an equation, therefore it is legal to set m to 0, apparently the source of the idea of Zero-Point Energy. Bottom line, as I read it – virtual matter can function as solid, in-yer-face “stuff” without ever actually needing to contain one single particle of “stuff.” (Of course, another way to read it is the moment you set m to zero, E becomes infinite, and Boom! Big Bang Deux…) But that is why I don’t do math…

To show how nothing actually touches, watch Why You Can Never Actually Touch Anything.
or this “Super Awesome Science Lesson” (their words…)

If you need more solid science to understand this first, very important step:
An Electromagnetic Theory Of Matter

We are energy, and the reason we feel solid is simple magnetics/gravitics. But what matters to this blog is the fact that there is no need, no physical requirement, that there be an actual particle anywhere (someone postulated a single actual particle as a catalyst a few years back, but I have lost the reference,)


And if there is no need for a particle, I submit there is no requirement for a particle, and Ockham’s Razor tells us it is quite likely that there is no particulate matter.

So here we are, bundles of energy, waiting to be built up into – us…

The question becomes – how? How can ‘we’ communicate at the quantum level? And what does “communication” mean at that degree of abstraction? A partial answer is found in the work of Claude Shannon, creator/father of what is called Information Theory.

Here is an explanation of digital communication that sets the tone, if not the methodology.
Communication 101: Information Theory Made Simple

I have another, far simpler explanation – magic. Just kidding, of course, but this set of ideas is exactly what you need to take control and build with your brand-new binary energy field. This is truly how something from nothing can be done.

So does the universe agree? The ideas and concepts Shannon discovered/created are also supported by Hamming’s self-correcting error code, which has been discovered to be built into our DNA.
More on this concept at Reasons To Believe.
And further discussion here: The Matrix Is Real!

And that is as far as I can take this process. The next section reverses the ideas and starts from the ground floor – Nothing.

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