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All Together Now…

If you have gotten this far, you may be wondering, “Now what?”

This is the foundation of what I have put together to explain the possible/probable principle that says that the reality we experience is illusion.

The concept is simple to understand, up to a point, and then can become apparently self-contradictory, or it can become crystal clear, depending on how you interpret the conclusions. Either way, one thing is quite clear – nothing you learn here will enable you to ignore this Reality Show. You cannot “slip through the cracks of time and space,” or any such psychic mumbo-jumbo. The practical result of making this leap of understanding will change nothing in your day-to-day existence, though you may look at it slightly differently – and with a bit more detachment.


The Whirled View

It’s very much like when you learned in school that we are not solid, but made up of tiny things called cells, which are made up of tinier things called molecules, which are made up of atoms, with relatively large amounts of space between the atoms. You didn’t suddenly get thinner and able to pass through the desk. Thus it is here, only atoms are also mostly empty space with a few bits in the middle and a few more spinning around the chewy center. And even those bits prove to not be the bottom of the well. At the apparent bottom, we await the next generation of super colliders to smash even these “particles” into sub-components.


Fabrication – the Universe or the Idea?

There is what we “Know” without question,  our universal axioms, the Daze Of Our Lives (cue cheesy organ) – we are not going to fall off the Earth, we need air to breathe, don’t run with scissors, etc. There is what we have learned, as a species, about our existence. And that falls into two primary categories, which I will label Newtonian and Quantum, poor as those labels are. If you don’t like them, translate to whatever you wish, as long as it enables you to follow along in the spirit of the search (if you are trying to map Biblical verse into the discussion, don’t bother, there may be some relevance to Scripture, perhaps, but not here..)

In the Newtonian realm, we live our lives as conscious(?), sentient beings of flesh and blood. We give birth, drive cars at 65 MPH, play sports, get sick, go crazy, create incredible music, etc. Then we die. This is axiomatic in Newtonia. It is what we have known for thousands of years.

Particles are an illusion born of a combination of scale  and synchronicity

  Church of Zero

But look more closely. As stated above, our bodies are composed of cells, which are composed of molecules, which are composed of atoms. And these are composed of sub-atomic particles that quantum physics has shown are actually only energy.

Again: The elements that compose our universe only exist as pure energy, not “matter,” or particles of stuff.  There is a fierce debate ongoing regarding this viewpoint, but I am firmly in the Quantum/Energy camp, while the Copenhagen controversy fell to the Newtonian side (predictably. It is difficult to be a particle physicist and prove that particles don’t exist…)
One major difficulty in defending this position is explaining how setting m to 0 in the famous E=mc² equation avoids resulting in infinite energy, i.e., another Big Bang. I infer that because all particles are actually waves, there is no point source involved, waves, by their nature, are in motion, and that kinetic energy results in the illusion of Mass. To help understand this dichotomy, check this out – Of Particular Significance. His conclusions may not agree with mine, but he explains the issue clearly.

Thus I reiterate: particles are an illusion born of a combination of scale (we appear much bigger than our cells or atoms) and synchronicity (we’ll get to that.)

So the first step is to intellectually grasp the fact that our bodies actually are only pure energy, and the appearance of solidarity, as painful or pleasurable as it can be, is just that – appearance, caused by the magnetic repulsion of like energy constructs. (We still are ruled, in this universe, by the laws of Newton, you cannot escape that accident by slipping through the interstitial spaces, sorry, no magic here.)

Next, we need to understand the significance of this information. Ground rule – and one that is difficult to grasp regardless of whether or not particles are real: Nothing actually touches. And if nothing touches, nothing needs to touch. There is no need for physical space, it is sufficient to present the illusion of solidarity.  Space thus appears to be a construct, and galaxies billions of light-years away from us are still actually in direct, intimate contact/confluence with the rest of the players and sets.

The principle of Occam’s Razor infers that the simplest explanation is the most likely, so I posit that matter is illusion, and space is unneeded. I have no proof that this is true, but the logic of the space/time confluence strongly points in that direction.

If there is no real “space,” what about time? Again, I have an extrapolation, a concept in need of a graphic that I do not yet have. But the idea is this:

  • The Quantum Hologram is written on the event horizon region of the singularity that is the Big Bang.
  • Conscious, deliberate action creates waves of intent.
  • The hologram contains the sum of all the actual events that have occurred and are occurring. Another, more accurate way to say it is the hologram contains the result of all previous events.
  • The hologram is experienced by conscious awareness through the medium of Time. (consider the QH as a phonograph record, with time being the needle that reads the waves and translates them into “reality.”)

I repeat – this IS pure speculation,but the model fits the concept. My only direct response is to note the idea that we may have begun as a one-dimensional line rather than a “Big Bang.” Could the Universe have Begun as a One-Dimensional Line? Could this imply Time is the line? Or is that just a lyric to an ’80s love ballad?

The Power Of Love

That got your attention. But I’m thinking of gravity, the true Law of Attraction.  If we are postulating zero Mass, that implies infinite Energy. What then causes the rubber-sheet space-time fabric to bend? (Not the sheet, not space-time, but mind is bending. Reworked Zen aphorism.) This is a question for the Information Theory gurus and the WMAP team, but I am pretty sure it falls into the realm of what I postulate as the higher frequency regions.  There is no spiritual significance to the phrase. I postulate the body as a  complex waveset, not dissimilar to the idea behind broadcast television: human body as a television set – a basic fundamental frequency as carrier. and other superimposed or merged ranges from things like audio (20 Hz-20 kHz) or sight at 430–770 THz. But the Planck Clock is magnitudes faster (suggesting that while the speed of light is a limitation of the construct, the Planck clock rate operates many magnitudes faster (10-43 vs. 10-17.)  M-theory strings vibrate and change shape, which implies harmonics, or multiples of a base frequency which is at light speed, and there are many frequency regions our bodies have no sensors to engage or interpret. These ranges are essentially transparent to our physical makeup. While interactions obviously also occur within our range of perception, the region between light and sound has lots of space for Planck-ing around. In principle, these “transparent-to-us” regions would be accessible to the subroutines (formulae?) that produce the Grand Illusion

Analog TV Signal-click to enlarge

The way radio and TV signals are inaccessible to our bodies, but not our radios, is by taking these frequencies and adding them to a carrier frequency in a much higher band. Add a 1,000Hz audio signal to a 1,000,000Hz carrier wave and the result is a wave that oscillates between 999,000Hz and 1,001,000Hz., Even with communications bands full of chatter, we perceive nothing as the waves pass right through our bodies, thanks to our designed-in limiters. The TV signal above shows how a carrier can convey the required info and still have room to incorporate timing and sync info.

But in a manner not dissimilar to how TV viewers – or networked computers – communicate, I envision a band of frequencies linked to location, including presumed position and vector – visualize enormous computer registers (temporary workspace for performing computational actions): this number is where ‘you’ are in the world, this one is your speed and this the direction you face. (In our particulate world, we can’t access those registers at the same time, but the higher clock cycles leave plenty of time for “the universe” to update.)

In this model, frequency regions correspond to light and sound. Other regions would be related to things like location and orientation. And if two human body wavesets share similar ‘location’ region numbers, they will appear to be in proximity, because the ‘location’ waves synchronized once the numbers matched – remember, every part of a hologram contains every other part, so the sync would be immediately recognized (it may well be that the phrase ‘entangled’ really arises from the fact that we are wavesets, not particles.) If the ‘direction’ regions were appropriate, the two bodies would be face-to-face and could share audio regional waves as well (ya know – talk…) Looking at the process from this perspective leads to a number of interesting extrapolations, check I’m Confessin’ to see what I am talking about.


The Quantum Ice Bucket Challenge

I am from the “Let’s Build It And See” school. I don’t have the math, but I have laid out the conjecture/theory/concept sufficiently to give someone in the field the ability to understand how to formulate a hypothetical digital Tulpa.

Is there someone with a trained understanding of quantum physics that is not just laughing his head off that can follow up on the important idea – proving that particulate matter is not required, that we can – and do – exist solely as waves, and that we communicate by synchronization, not ‘collapse’? (Note that within the phrase ‘collapsing the wave function’ is the implicit admission that we actually are waves – even the denial is admission…

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