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Believe, but Analyze

Faith, for me, has always been a slightly shameful, behind-the-barn word, a word one uses when you have nothing else to justify something you believe. “You’ve got to have faith,” is the lazy answer, the one that admits defeat.

And now I am the lazy one. I do not have the math skills to wade into the quantum mechanics equations or to argue the numbers with those that do. But I do analyze the scientists’ pop-sci explanations and decide if they integrate into my worldview.  Do they fit – or give lie to – my preconceptions? Do they challenge my worldview, but offer verifiable proofs of their claims? Or do they present information as fact that I, on occasion, am forced to disagree with?

Tenets, Anyone?

The pillars of understanding are based on acceptance of certain concepts as axiomatic – self-evident and with no need to challenge. In our quantum science world, evidence that our senses can verify frequently is at odds with provable scientific theories, demonstrating that what we perceive is not necessarily the end of it.

The deepest foundation tenet of this site is simple: We are always wrong. (I suppose that could even justify religion’s claim that “we are all sinners…” – except it doesn’t.) As we mature as a species (a dubious concept at best, so – as we accumulate more information,) we are always coming closer to the “truth,” but the very nature of this Universe makes it impossible to escape ‘The Matrix’ into which we are so inextricably woven. But as our pool of accumulated and tested information enables us to continue the process known as “step-wise refinement,” we begin to approach real answers.

We are Always Wrong – but That’s Not a Sin

 Church of Zero

To come to an understanding about this alternate worldview requires more than a casual effort. There are many bits and pieces that support and suggest concepts that could explain the processes that have led to this apparent state of existence. The Tenets pages are clues to the nature of nature. It is up to us to determine how these clues fit – and if they fit – into the principles underlying the Quantum Hologram.

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