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Space – The Final Front

Schrodinger's Subway Station

Schrödinger’s Subway Station

The Universe’s Ultimate Trompe-l’œil

The Illusion of Space is the Universe’s Infinitely Long Con, a Potemkin Universe, a false front one Planck-length deep to disguise the actual mechanism. (To be fair, if your village shaman in 500 B.C. told you that you were actually not real, and this reality was illusion, one club up the side of his head would stop that nonsense!)

Even today, the immediate visceral response to this statement is not much different – intuitive denial. Experience from birth quickly teaches us that this Grand Illusion is very real – to us. It is a poor survival skill to insist that cliff is illusory, the truck in your path is unreal. Our bodies are completely integrated into the illusion. (That is not cause for concern, it is just the way the construct functions – and part of what we are examining.) Keep in mind that experiencing this apparent reality is the point of the game, that we are meant to be here – it may be the result of the random motions of “quantum fluctuations,” (i.e., ons and offs, or ones and zeroes) but it is not by accident…


The Face of Now

Quantum Hologram Visualized

The Quantum Hologram Visualized

The idea of the Quantum Hologram projection as a 2-dimensional surface accessed by perception from a unique other position can be difficult to grasp, especially to visualize. Seeing it in action is a great help in grasping the concept and mapping it into your model of reality. To help visualize the higher dimensions, watch Rob Bryanton’s Imagining The 10th Dimension.

I Still Don’t Grok It

Absolutely normal. The idea is truly radical, and can take some contemplative effort to settle in. There are a lot more articles describing and explaining the phenomenon from a variety of perspectives. One of these may explain the concept more clearly than I have:

Holographic Universe – A Thorough Explanation Excellent article to explain the processes involved
Quantum Bioholography How complex information can be encoded into holograms
David Bohm and the Holographic Universe A discussion of Implicate Order
The Awakening – Quantum Mechanics of the Human Brain and Consciousness

Take your time and explore these articles. You don’t need to believe the concepts, but in order to accept or reject based on something more than gut reaction, it is helpful to first understand the basic principles.

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