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About This Site

This is a WordPress site running the Road Fighter theme.

It is also a Quantum Hologram site. By this, I mean that the concepts in this site are based on the principle that the universe manifests as a hologram at the quantum level, something many in quantum physics have claimed for some time now. I offer no corroboration, merely philosophical and inferential conjecture. I freely admit – I do not know. I do not have the “secrets of…” (wealth, harmony, long life, weight loss, a longer – you get the idea.)

But in the process of discovering what I do not know, I have come up with one significant idea that I am trying to describe and explain. This will become clear as you explore further.

Neither I nor this site intend to denigrate or insult any religion, and comments that break that rule will result in swift action. Although some of the principles may lead one to believe we are trying to invalidate religion, this is not the case. Despite trying to be as detailed and factual as possible with this evolving creation tale, we make no claim to accuracy or factually provable ideas or concepts that are expressed in these pages (unlike the proselytizer class, and that is where our version – and definition – of worship differs.)

These ideas are speculative, and while I believe most of them are as correct as current knowledge can demonstrate, I cannot vouch for them in a manner that would satisfy a science professional. Nor do I have the desire or the need to “convert” you. The info is here, such as it is. If it persuades you, it is the data, not the personality, that speaks to you.

I link to many other sites when a particular article or web page seems relevant. Doing so does not imply support for any of the information or ideas presented.

I will not deliberately lie to you, but I may be shown to be wrong about the actual science. Be prepared (and help me to be, so I can acknowledge and correct…)

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