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Quantum Hologram

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For the sake of simplicity, we define the Quantum Hologram (QH) as Now, the outer sheet-like edge of the expansion of the Big Bang. To envision this, put yourself at the center of an expanding volume which started as a pinpoint and has been evolving for 13.7 billion years until it is (literally) the size of the universe (and always has been.} Before(?) there was no universe, and thus neither Space nor Time (nor a ‘Before’, within the boundaries of this specific universe.) So time began at the instant of the universe coming into existence, and continues perforce as the leading edge of that expansion. This gives rise to the apparent wave-like nature of the constituent entities/elements/waves  that manifest at the event horizon and the non-spherical description of the expansion. (My speculation/ presumption: As the galaxies, stars, planets and space debris coalesce, their mass “weighs down” the surface, causing depressions and gravity wells  – Yes, reality can be depressing…)

The Quantum Hologram is Now, the expanding surface of the Big Bang

Church of Zero

The basis of the Church of Zero is that the universe, though we appear to experience it in three dimensions, is actually a two-dimensional hologram that manifests along the Event horizon of the black hole that is our universe. (This may be totally wrong – not all physicists agree – but the concept maps beautifully into a general theory of everything, far better than trying to explain Dark Matter, the apparent particle/wave duality and where this all came from in the first place…) In addition, the term “Quantum Hologram” has been used by followers of former astronaut Edgar Mitchell to describe a related, but quite different phenomenon, it is important to keep the two vectors separate, the purposes are quite different.

Here are some links to sources that I have used to gain my (admittedly highly limited) understanding of this phenomenon:

Bohm’s Gnosis: The Implicate Order
Karl Pribram – Holonomic brain theory
Is The Universe A Hologram? Science Daily
Is The Universe A Hologram? Epoch Times
Leonard Susskind on The World As A Hologram
A Thin Sheet of Reality: The Universe As A Hologram
Black Holes And Holographic Worlds
There Is Growing Evidence that Our Universe Is a Giant Hologram

Bohm also states the Hologram is perhaps insufficient to actually behave as we are presuming, he prefers the Holoflux paradigm: David Bohm’s Holoflux, Holomovement, and Holographic Paradigm

Dr. Karl Pribram also extends this holographic viewpoint to the brain itself, you can see the discussion here.
Incidentally, the newest hot topic (July ’16) is Gravity Waves. From what I have seen, they map directly into the hologram concept with no problem. Here are a few examples:
Gravitational Waves Detected, Confirming Einstein’s Theory
On Gravitational Waves
Discovery Could Herald New Era In Fundamental Physics
Watch How Gravitational Waves Dance across the Universe

Gravity Waves

Gravity Waves (click to enlarge)

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