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Information Theory and the OSI Model


Information Theory – Can We Really Be Virtual?

On the surface, the idea sounds ridiculous. But in fact, Information Theory can define us – as humans – in terms that can be quantized and mimicked by a computer program. Not well – today, not in depth, nor in anything close to perceived real time, but remember – just a few years ago, personal computing was dismissed by the head of IBM himself

I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.

Thomas Watson, president of IBM, 1943

Today, the machines that required an army of programmers, technicians, support staff and Information Specialists run thousands of times faster (from 64K/sec for the Intel 4004 to 5GHz for a modern quad-core processor in thirty years!), store exponentially more data and still fit in a watch; Dick Tracy’s wrist-phone is a reality with even greater capability than Chester Gould imagined. And the newest quantum computers can outperform our fastest desktop machines (in certain tasks) by factors of thousands of times, Every time we run up against a roadblock – heat, or radiation, or gamma rays (but not funding) we find an alternate tech solution, and the race for horsepower goes on,

If one can model on a computer an exact equivalent of a single atom, or even an electron, then building a working human body is a matter of scale and intention. And a working Universe likewise…

Network Communication

If everything exists as virtual binary data sets that express as waves, we can use the OSI Model as an example of how QH wavesets could convey ‘everything’. Here is a description and explanation of the computer methodology. While this process probably has little to do with the actual mechanism of the QH, it demonstrates that digital algorithms can create the conditions to communicate and transfer complex information, both in the computer realm and the quantum.

osi-network communications model-

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My Misinterpretation:
This is pure speculative ‘insight’ – until it’s not. I vouch for nothing, but suggest it as a possible way Nothing could be made to appear as appear as Everything.
My justification for considering that the two concepts are linked is that DNA uses a corrective code that is essentially identical to one invented by Richard Hamming in 1950, implying that everything we are made up of is ultimately of binary nature. This concept was reaffirmed in 2015, when James Gates published his book, Staradim, where he reveals he has found computer code embedded in the fabric of space itself. The foundation speculation of how all this actually happened (beyond ‘quantum fluctuations’, which beg the question) suggests that the ultimate “nothing-to-something” moment needed only be a decision – a choice. any choice, The act of differentiating, by its existence, perhaps created a binary schism that enabled duality. (The myst from the mystical is getting a bit thick here, and fogging the flatscreen; sorry, I’m speculating again. I’ll stop now, but this whole page is beyond rational processes…)

The OSI Model as Essence

{Note again: Pure, unadulterated BS beyond speculation, if anyone sees a better way to make sense of the link between the OSI Model and the Quantum Holographic processes, please let me know.}
To demonstrate how the OSI Model could be tweaked to support the transmission of Life/Existence into a pure Energy universe, I will begin with Layer 7, the Application Layer.

Layer 7: Application

The application layer is where the user inputs data and data is output to the user. In the Quantum or QH worldview, this expresses as the body we direct. This is where we live, and may be the Quantum Hologram eternal Now as well.

Layer 6: Presentation

This is the OS, the Operating System. In the QH, this would be the layer that assembles the waves to which this body is synchronized (the environment and interactions) into the appearance of reality.

Layer 5: Session

The session layer is responsible for maintaining connection between the Presentation Layer/OS and other active entities In the QH realm, this would be the syncing mechanism that links to the other wavesets.

Layer 4: Transport

Responsible for the Logistics of the session. I’m not sure the role in the QH, perhaps prioritizing that which is focused upon.

Layer 3: Network

Forwards packets of information between entities on a network. In the QH, in the effective range of the actors/participants.

Layer 2: Data Link

This is where connections are made of the directly connected nodes or QH wavesets. This layer also is responsible for error correction.

Layer 1: Physical

The hardware; in the QH, this is “the operator/programmer” on the other side of the “ReaLine”
It is the ‘thing that is real’, the conscious entity, and all else hangs off of it.

Obviously, I have a long way to go to work this into a rational model, but I believe there is insight to be gained from this process, even if it is just an alternative to Ken Ham and the Flintstones.

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