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What’s The Matter

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Matter of Fact?

So here we are, living our lives in an observably three-dimensional universe, with automobiles, mosquitoes, the Internet and billions of other (presumably) conscious beings. Yet contemporary science tells us that this is Illusion, a shadow play within which we experience our daily lives. How is this possible? Let’s examine our universe a bit more closely…

Down the Rabbit Hole

Starting from “reality,” we can zoom out to the solar system, the Milky Way and the billions of other galaxies that we can see. That is the outer scale of our vision; yet based on measurements of what we can see, the equations predict trillions of other galaxies in this universe that we know are there (by their effects and/or by the math) but are already too far from us for their light to ever reach us.  Carl Sagan Squared… So consider our little speck of a planet, and our natural inclination to equate scale with ourselves – we measure locally in feet/miles or meters/kilos, not light-years, and here is Ground Zero for our scalar vision, the X-axis on the scale.

Zooming in, we can observe cells, then molecules, then atoms and their basic components – electrons, protons, neutrons. That’s basic grammar school science from the 1950’s. We have also added greatly to the knowledge and particle-count by continuing to smash atoms and electrons together, so we add neutrinos, bosons and the boson’s mates to the mix.

To really appreciate the magnitude of our universe, here is a video illustration: The Scale of the Universe
The most recent version is more technical, but quite well done: Size Comparison of the Universe 2017
The original, from 1977 can be seen here: Powers of Ten (1977)

As we look still more closely, there is more under the hood than smaller pieces of “stuff.” Or is it actually less? An atom is mostly empty space – you could pack 1015 electrons into the orbit of an atom – but you only have 32 electrons max in all that space (and usually far less, hydrogen is the most common element in the universe and has only one.) There is so much room that when the empty space is removed, the entire universe can (and once did) fit into something smaller than a golf ball.

Fact of the Matter

String Along With Me

Science has shown that the smallest conceptual entities, “strings,” are actually purely energy. The vibration of these string elementals generates the entire universe as we know it. And here is where this site deviates from most current quantum science. (And where it is quite possible that I am wrong, and particles somehow magically are real.) There are a number of sites that explain how a string can become a real boy, but every explanation always sounds more like magic rather than science. (Granted, most of quantum physics sounds like magic to the Newtonian mindset, but this still sounds like magic to me,.)

No Matter In Fact?

The Church of Zero core philosophy/argument/hypothesis states that because strings, which are the building blocks of all matter, are composed solely of energy, therefore  all “matter,” or particles of “stuff,” must also be entirely made of energy. There is no actual “stuff,” only arrangements of vibrating energy that appear and function as particulate matter from the moment they synchronize to the waveset that is the universe, acting as electrons, atoms, molecules etc. up to human scale and beyond. My (purely) speculation is that the illusion begins when the string “chooses a role” – open or closed, etc. and makes a connection to a second entity, thus synchronizing to the universe.

This basic concept is what we are attempting to mold into a coherent explanation of the nature of reality. Here is an understandable(?) primer on Strings: What Every Layperson Should Know About String Theory.

Some other good articles:

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A Cybernetic Interpretation

Science tells us we express (exist) as waves of this energy. This site explores this notion, but as I have said before, I do not have an in-depth understanding of strings, only of their most basic forms. What I have not yet found is an explanation of the mechanism by which strings generate the illusion of particulate matter. And so again, I choose to believe in this interpretation recognizing that it could, as so much science (and fiction,) eventually prove to be incorrect or incomplete. And again, that is why this is a Church, not a science forum. But I welcome comments about both the science and the non-science…

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