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Mandelbrot Math

Zooming Into a Mandelbrot Figure

Zooming Into a Mandelbrot Figure

Part of determining how this reality has been extrapolated is examining the possible ways of reaching this place, this current reality. Not to state this is what happens, but rather this is what could happen, and offers an explanation, true or not. When/if disproved, edits are easy.

Can Fractal Geometry Explain Evolution?

One question about the development of the universe, and therefore the planet, is how it is possible to evolve billions of unique individuals within millions of species that nonetheless share very similar characteristics. And one solution is offered in the Mandelbrot equations and fractal processes. There are many examples of how a fractal figure can exhibit many iterations of self-similar figures, to suddenly alter to a completely different figure, perhaps only after hundreds of iterations (generations.)

I have no real explanation of how this actually relates (if indeed it does,) but it seems to play a part in the mathematics of evolution and reproductive self-similar characteristics. Non-science, but not nonsense. Mandelbrot himself reminds us that while visually, the figures can convey depth and dimensionality, the image is flat (like the Quantum Hologram…)

If you would like to see just how deep this can go, enjoy this Deep Mandelbrot Zoom , final magnification 2^838, that’s 2 multiplied by itself 838 times.
Or this one, absolutely gorgeous…

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