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The Truth – As I Misunderstand It…

This section is where I try to deconstruct and reconstruct my vision of the Quantum Hologram and the holographic universe. I base the principles on the proven expanding universe,  and on the quantum hologram being defined as Eternal “Now” This is important, so I will repeat that:

The Quantum Hologram Is The Eternal “Now”

I state this because:

  • Before the Big Bang Equivalent (Big-Inning?) time did not exist
  • After the Big Crunch, Big Rip, Big Ho-Hum – “Now” will no longer have meaning and time will cease
  • Thus The Quantum Hologram is the timeline of Eternity – the Big Now – or, if you prefer…
  • “Now” is the only true reality, one Planck-length deep and the surface of the expanding universe.

I freely admit parts of this (sometimes big parts of this) this are pure speculation, but fueled by signposts left by The Process (how dramatic – there’s a signpost up ahead. Next stop – the Quantum Zone. “Woudja look at that, Marge – Jeez, quarks….)

The Short, Short Form

We are only energy. There is no need for particles, so it can be construed that there are no particles, only binary energy (virtual on/off) at its most basic level. This has organized (perhaps self-organized) into the expression of this Universe, and eventually into the appearance of each of our bodies (along with every other object in this universe.) The physical universe exists as a set of two-dimensional waves at the event horizon of the Black Hole which is our specific Universe. If the center of this Universe is indeed a black hole, it offers evidence that this is not the only universe, and that we exist within a larger (and smaller) series of many universes, each with a singularity at its center. – the Multiverse.

We continually create this reality by focused intention

  Church of Zero

Max Planck showed us that there is a “system clock” that quantizes the multiverse, and enables our appearance as digital entities. The high speed of this clock implies there is “time” to update whatever waveset information is needed to maintain a smooth appearance (updating the vectors of every photon takes time, but Planck says we have quite enough.)

This allows ‘time’ for all the subroutine calls to do their jobs, scaling upward in complexity from photon to electron, atom to molecule, human to world, etc until voilà – “reality.” And the scalar appearance is just that – appearance, the illusion of scale. It can all be done one photon at a time, no more is needed  (This explanation is, of course, almost total BS, as in unverifiable and quite possibly totally wrong. But it seems to effectively describe the way we mutually create the universe. )

It’s No Matter

The significance of this idea, if true, is that again, there is no need for Matter; additionally implied is that we continually create this reality by focused intention (you don’t walk somewhere without having a reason, that implies intent, not a Drunkard’s Walk of random action. Even if you have no idea of a conscious destination, you will not arbitrarily change direction “just ’cause…”) So there is also no need for all the other infinite possibilities within this universe. As long as we are trying to describe particle interaction, the math may need those possible universes, but when the waves never collapse, the system self-regulates with no need for options beyond the next Planck clock tick. While in the next Planck clock cycle, anything may be theoretically possible, once that tick is in the past, all those potential universes vanish, they have neither reason nor intent to exist – the “waveform has collapsed upon itself,” and defined permanently what “happened,” thus eliminating the need for other possibilities to manifest.

This challenges current thinking, which holds that all possibilities exist in the Multiverse. But there is no reason for the other options, which imply every clock cycle generates a new series of universes with only one thing changed – Bob Smith went Left instead of Right to work this morning – new universe. He blinked twice instead of once – new universe. Seems exhausting to me…

But again, I offer these ideas strictly as that – ideas. Not dogma, scripture of divine revelation – just concepts that seem – to me – to make sense (which, in the quantum universe, is a genuine rarity…) Your comments are welcome, but due to my poor coding skills, not on this page. If none of the subordinate pages seem appropriate, see The Confessional pages.

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