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About “God”

Table of the Gods

Table of the Gods

This site is a Church because it makes assumptions about science fact that I cannot verify for myself. Thus I take the science on faith, and create this site as a Church. And as a Church, we must, in some sense, deal with the functional definition and expression of the purported being we commonly refer to as “God.”

There are 21 major religions in the world today (according to Google) which implies at least 21 differing definitions of God. This site is not about defining number twenty-two. Believers believe, scientists doubt – by training. I am neither, and am trying to answer the question for myself by analyzing the system I have conjectured/proposed/invented. Whether or not such a being is even necessary is a raging question, with luminaries such as Steven Hawking weighing in, but an answer that is so direct, so unassailable that every person could believe and accept is still elusive – and if the implications of the nature of the Quantum Hologram are at all accurate, it will perforce remain always out of reach.

A God named Rhonda?

Though I personally am inclined to believe there is some one/thing/Sith Lord/Turtle that qualifies for the position of Creator (but neither Galactic Planner, nor Cosmic Repairman – “Help me, <His name here>.”) I work from a somewhat narrower definition which tries to eliminate the presumption of any properties beyond sheer existence (“I Am That I Am.“) I basically define the “God process” to be that which was responsible for, or at least at the very heart of, the specific Big Bang that became/is becoming our Universe. Thus, at least within the confines of the Church of Zero, God is a Verb.

This site is not about beliefs, or belief systems. The question this Church quests is the nature of what we are trained by experience to consider Reality, not the nature of the entity we name “God.” This is “God The (Quantum) Mechanical Engineer” we are exploring. (If there is a God – how did He do it? If there isn’t – how did He do it anyway?)

God is a Verb

  …the Church of Zero

For the sake of and in the context of this site, “God” is postulated as the entity that sits (sitteth?) at Time Zero of the Big Bang, this position, according to holographic principles, engendering “Him” as the one and only one agency that is in a position to see – Everything…

(Note “God’s” VR Glasses…)

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