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Is the Flat Earth Society Correct?

One relevant philosophy presumes that the only true “reality” is our “Now” moment, which appears to move forward in time, though not necessarily at a constant rate (operative word, “appears.” If the universe is only “real” when it is “Now,” the flat hologram resulting from the Big Bang explosion/expansion, then Earth – and everything else, is indeed, one Planck-length deep, and for all impractical purposes, two-dimensional, or “flat,” and (I assume) with the curvature necessary to encompass the original expansion – which is still mathematically flat.

The past no longer exists, but its accretion maintains our constant “Now” seamlessly, so what happened last Planck clock informs the moving present.

So We Are Wind-Up Dolls In A Shadow Play?

Shadow-play? Perhaps. Wind-up dolls? Anything but. Rob Bryanton’s Imagining The 10th Dimension discussed this.


Free Willie

A fifth-dimensional being theoretically could view your fourth-dimensional life from beginning to end as one long twisting tube of intention and action. From “his” position, outside of our space-time line, all events appear to be predetermined, thus the complaint that we do not have free will. But what is not taken into account is the fact that at every step of the way, you made the decision that led to your current tube/thread/reality. You are here because of the actions of the past, some of which are intentional (driving to work,) some of which are responses to exterior stimuli (stopping to avoid a pedestrian.) Your free will appears to be intact.

But the Earth still is Flat! Sort of…
5-d rotation

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