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Filters and Transducers



An important part of the human body’s design is its built-in limitations. Our perceptions are not infinite, we have a bandwidth.The eyes respond to visible light, but not the TV remote. Our ears hear only part of what our dogs sense. But there is a large region of frequencies we are unable to sense unaided The world of radio, television, x-ray and the like surround us, yet we are blind to it all.  To see how limited our range of perception actually is, read 10 Limits to Human Perception.

The mechanisms involved in the ‘analog’ (perceived real) universe are as diverse as the frequency ranges they monitor, but if we are considering our bodies as digital (binary energy) projections, then digital filtering algorithms should also be examined in the same light I am considering the OSI Model, that is, a possible way for pure binary energy to produce results analogous to what we experience. Of special interest is the principle of self-oscillation, where a filter feeds on itself until it stops acting as a filter and instead, produces a sine wave. (This is not the same as feedback, but a relative, and could help explain how the synchronization of the wavesets produces a ‘reality’ spike that is persistent.)

There are a number of pages that describe filter concepts; rather than try to tell you myself:
The Arp 2600 Filter demonstrated
Another filter demonstrating self-oscillation
Resonance and Self Oscillation

These are all excellent examples of electronic audio filters.


A Transducer accepts input from some form of stimulus, and returns energy in a different form – electrical music signals to audio (atmosphere waves for example. Our eyes and ears are our major transducers, and our skin may even ultimately prove to be even more important in defining our experience.)

Eyes convert visible light to electrical signals to the brain, as do all our sensory organs – all input is converted to electrical energy, once again leaving no requirement for some actual physical particle or two to be wandering about…

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