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Divine Comedy

Welcome to the Church of Zero
where we ask the eternally existential question:
Is Nothing Sacred?


Why a Church?

First, let me welcome you to the Church of Zero, While this is at its heart a science and philosophy blog, this also is a “Church” in the traditional sense, in that it is here to (hopefully) help define and understand our relationship to the infinite. It is non-traditional in that its tenets are based on quantum mechanics and physics for non-scientists.  Church “doctrine” is based on the presumption that science is (generally) accurate, thus we have faith in science.


einstein on illusion

Our evolving belief system evolves from the presumption that Dr. Einstein was correct, that this apparent physical reality does not, in fact, exist; that all This is Illusion. And embroiled in this absurdist dichotomy, we try very hard not to take ourselves too seriously. This is a virtual Church for a virtual Universe and we think the irony is virtually – delicious!

The Argument Against Science?

“You’re accepting that because someone told you…”
If that “someone” is a random human then that can be a valid argument. When that someone can call upon the weight of centuries of detailed observation by many of the most brilliant minds on the planet – Galileo, Newton, Einstein, Hawking – there is a lot more credibility. And finally, science is provable – and repeatable.

Actor Ricky Gervais talking with Steven Colbert
The Difference Between Religion and Science

The Purpose of This Site in Two (long) Sentences.

Some quantum physicists have concluded we exist as waves of possibility that become particulate (“collapse the wave”, i.e., “magically” transform from pure energy into an actual physical “thing”) when observed. The Church of Zero purports to show that we exist as wave sets of Intention, not random fluctuations, and appear/manifest as particles when an observer’s wave set synchronizes with that of the observed.

Are We Looking To Overthrow Your Religion? Hell, No!

This is a site about the mechanics of physical existence. It is not a discussion of the needs, demands or requirements of any purported deities, or belief system(s.) Nor is this a site to discuss personal growth or self-help issues. Not to deny their importance or relevance to human society, but those are different topics for different websites. I am, of course, basing Church teachings on my personal beliefs; this can’t really be avoided. But I will try to always separate settled science, science possible-but-argued, concepts I have extrapolated and concepts I pull out of my – er, hat… When I speak in the first person, it is usually just opinion;  ideas in the plural are settled science or theories the Church agrees with and supports – usually.

We are in no way trying to mock, belittle or deny anyone’s sincere religious convictions, nor do I believe that modern (i.e., non-literal) interpretations of most scripture would be incompatible with the knowledge, ideas and information presented here. If however, you are unable to reconcile these concepts with your personal spiritual requirements, beliefs or practices, while you are welcome here as seekers of truth, you may soon be out of your comfort zone.

Only Two Rules

1: Be polite. You are welcome to disagree, just have facts or links to back you up – or a disclaimer that you, too, are working from internal feelings rather than concrete evidence. (I do that a lot on this site, but try to be clear when I am just exercising my gums.)

2: Like most churches, we only permit our own brand of ‘religion’ within its virtual walls. This is a forum for the philosophical and non-mathematical technical discussion about quantum physics concepts and other directly related issues linked to the fundamental questions of who and what we actually are. Math is welcome, but explain it to us dummies.

And like most rules, there are subsections…

Quotations from recognized/traditional religious sources are welcome as links to or justification of a principle of science. Example: the one line I feel the Bible got right – “Let there be Light” and there was – the photon. Or not. Light and darkness/not-light. A binary field. And as we show on this site, that field is all that is necessary; from that dichotomy, came, literally Everything

Religious proselytizers will be banned. Those seeking to reconcile scripture and science are very welcome, but be aware that karma runs over dogma every time. The primary difference between religious certitude and scientific certitude is that science knows that while it may appear correct, statistically it must be wrong – or specifically, incomplete..

And if I am wrong, then yes, I probably am going to Hell. See you there…

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