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I’m Confessin’

In developing these pages, a number of concepts have emerged that have no actual science to support, but seem as logical offshoots to what I have learned. But I AM talking through my hat, pure speculation…
Any thoughts, comments or further extrapolations? I’d love to hear them.

Entanglement: The classic particle vs. wave dichotomy. There is a high probability that we are observing the same waveset – if an entity exists as a wave, then it does not have a static position, but is spread throughout a region of the QH.

Expanding Universe: Could it be that WE are descending/slipping from the Event Horizon so it appears the universe is going faster, but we are slowing down? That IS what it looks like as depicted. And if we consider that the expanding edge (the QH Now) is (apparently) ahead of us, could it be the Mass equivalent of this galaxy exerting gravitational force on the “rubber-sheet” Now?

Dark Matter: Could this simply be the non-local region of the universe our observer is NOT closely synchronized to, i.e., the rest of the holographic ocean?

Gravity: – Furthest from reason, NOTHING to back it but…: if we view each entity – galaxy to electron – as a series of subroutines, gravity is the short cut to the address/”physical” location of the entity. If location is a region of the entity stack, then there is a set of numbers corresponding to where the entity “is” that alters/is altered by shift in position/orientation, perhaps also focus. I sit here still, yet am rotating on a ball rotating around a star rotating around a galactic hub. That is a lot of info for a single photon, never mind an electron subroutine, so if we presume gravity as the anchor, trimming the front-loaded numbers leaves only local info to be dealt with. The alternate, equally improbable option: this demonstrates that we need a large number of Planck-clock cycles to equate to one “reality” modulation/shift in photon position.

Instantaneous transport to anywhere in the universe:  Not very long ago, the human genome was a mystery. Now it has been mapped, and we are beginning to understand the interrelationships . If my concept (that there is a region within our body waveset that defines location,) were to prove out, and we could eventually Fourier analyze the operational regions of the programming to isolate the location-specific data, just change the address number and – poof! You – or one of your electrons – are in a Galaxy far, far away… (and I would not want to be the first person to test that machine out…)

And therefore: cloning by Digital Copy. Rather than growing slowly, cell by cell, just copy your waveset. You could store your waveform in a (Very large) Flash Drive and carry it with you – anytime you needed to be rebuilt… Yes, that is more William Gibson than Issac Asimov, I know…

Your turn

Any ideas, extrapolations, etc. are welcome, this is the pure speculation area…

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  1. David David says:

    Something else has occurred to me – the 2-D hologram is still flat, it doesn’t actually “wave.” TIME adds the illusion of motion as it updates the QH simultaneously with its unfolding. Motion picture analogy again, each frame is flat and unmoving, yet we perceive motion and depth.

  2. David David says:

    I just want to welcome everyone interested in the Quantum Hologram concepts – also to test WordPress’s comment handling.

    Please feel free to visit, examine and comment.