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Bottom Up, From Eternity To Here


Inn of The Beginning

This is where we will begin from Nothing and reverse-engineer what we know or extrapolate and build Something, i.e., all This.

Most of us need convincing. Here is a video that forever changed how I view physical reality (and frankly, I have not been the same since – and would never want to go back.)

Be forewarned. This is Rabbit Hole 101.…)


The Great Double-Slit Experiment

Featuring Dr. Quantum, AKA Dr. Fred Alan Wolfe, this is a segment from the movie (What the Bleep-Down the Rabbit Hole. There are many versions of this on YouTube, and other videos documenting and explaining the experiment.

However, at 4:54, he utters the “infamous” (to me) words, “collapses the wave.” This is an assumption that I take issue with, and is the reason I have built this site. I believe there is a different, more elegant solution to the quantum equations, and I intend to promote this alternative view. But first, a bit more grounded approach:

A different explanation of the Double-Slit Experiment: The Quantum Experiment that Broke Reality

Another Possibility

The basic principle: Particles are a subjective experience, an appearance of physicality that occurs when two entities interact. All entities are, at their very deepest level,  pure energy. This energy is expressed as waves, and because these waves are not just – waving, hanging out with the boys – but rather have a purpose – a vector, a desire, an orientation. I call them waves of intent. They are what this apparent 3-dimensional world is built from, the 2-d edge of the universe as it expands through time. When one fires and electron from the double-slit quantum electron gun, that electron is viewed as a particle, but is actually expressed as a wave, which immediately synchronizes with the rest of the local wavesets and thus behaves as a wave,

These waves express the sub-photon-region building-blocks that create the atoms that create the molecules that create the cells that in turn create our bodies, with all the complex, interlocking organs and systems that support this virtual waldo.
And  ultimately we, at this higher level of organization, perceive and interact with/generate the appearance – and effect – of 3-D reality by synchronizing our own complex set of waves with those of the local universe. Once our consciousness – our attention – has focused on and synchronized with the localized ocean of waves, (some time between post-zygote and second breath, I imagine) we are locked into the flow and begin to experience what we think of as ‘existence.’

The pure assumption: We are beings that exist as nothing more than energy. As such, the only choices available are binary – on/off, yes/no. (Justification: “Let There Be Light…” and in “reality,” that’s all I’ve got – for now. Feel free to share your thoughts, either side.)

So how does THAT work?

This segment is the furthest removed from “reality”, pure BS on my part, the concept I least am clear about. Once we have a real virtual electron, I am good to go, but for now…

Let There Be Light

Genesis 1:3

Starting from a system (Planck) clock and binary energy, I am presuming a photon.
To exist in a virtual space, it needs a virtual address, which is not so much a location as a name, something to distinguish it from the countless trillions of others. Once “we” (shorthand for “the universe,” the concept of “we” humans is still way up the food chain) can name it, we can control it. (Sounds more like Harry Potter than Albert Einstein, but it’s basically just a MAC Address (though quite a bit larger, kind of a BIG MAC Address…) This is needed because a wave in a hologram does not have a defined position, just a generalized set of effective limits, a functional range, which does not have to be contiguous. An electron’s limits are defined by the atom it circles, the “effective limits” of Elvis Presley may reach into much of the waveset that is Planet Earth…)

One Small Step For A Man…

This is “Level Two Speculation” – still me, but I understand what I am proposing: Assuming the previous paragraph is sorted out to make functional sense, then we can proceed to explain how…


We All Live In A Yellow Subroutine

yellow subroutine

We are building a binary system that ticks along on a system clock. So it makes sense that something akin to computer logic and coding is at work (we have discovered that a human-constructed program to correct transmission errors, the Hamming Code, is found in our DNA transcription processes.) So using programming techniques – and figuring out where to store said instructions until we are high enough on the program’s assembler hierarchy to have DNA – we could, for example:

  • Create a subroutine for a photon, to be called whenever a photon is needed.
  • Create a subroutine for an electron that calls the photon subroutine as needed.
  • Create an atom subroutine that uses the electron as needed (and of course, other subroutines for the protons, neutrons, etc.
  • Create a subroutine to create a simple molecule, using the atoms routines.
  • Create a subroutine to create complex organic molecules by… You get the point.

As in computer coding processes, advanced concepts develop by “experiment,” trial-and-error combining of these axiomatic subroutines till we reach a state of actual interactions between unrelated elements – more subroutines, but coded as “objects,” programs you send info and stuff happens. And from there, it is only a matter of (eons of) time until…
…and the process generates whole universes and the Multiverse.


Sync or Swim?

The idea of “collapsing the waveform,” currently the explanation of our physical existence, is almost assuredly wrong. It assumes that particles exist, which engenders so many twists and turns to map into the quantum math that the Standard Model looks like spaghetti code. This is itself should be a huge clue that something fundamental is missing. And what is missing is actually what is present, but should not be – particles.

Eliminating the need for physical existence could solve a great many currently popular questions like Dark Energy, entanglement and the possibility of apparent-faster-than-light travel through time and space. And bring a whole slew of new questions, but I’ll wait till somebody does the math and explains it to us all, I really have no valid comment about what those issues could be. My only “truth” as I  grok it, the one thing that is self-evident when viewed from my individual perspective, is the fact that synchronizing wavesets is how we localize reality.

That’s all on this concept for now. I will expand, and hopefully clarify, these ideas as time goes by. In the meanwhile, your ideas and comments are welcome.

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3 Responses so far

  1. David David says:

    Hi, Peter. The idea of the subroutine is an extrapolation from what we already understand about the nature of space. Scientist James Gates has found computer-style code in the fabric of space, evidence that we do live in a binary simulation. Subroutines and “objects” created from collections of subroutines are some of the most effective ways to “package” the information that creates this reality. Thus it is not unreasonable to expect subroutines in the building blocks of the atom.

  2. Peter Gilbert says:

    I don’t get the “subroutine” – from where does it arise?

  3. David David says:

    OK, the subroutine isn’t really yellow…