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Much Ado About Nothing

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Your Host, David Kempton

I’m a 7x-year-old jazz musician (piano, organ, sarod) with a lifelong interest in the in-depth exploration of vibrating energy. I had an excellent (for the time) public high school education, a number of interesting college courses and three years studying Hindustani Classical music under Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, but no formal degrees and my math skills slow down quickly once past algebra. I do, however, have a multidimensional relationship with complex vibrational phenomena, having spent many hours playing with sound for its own sake as well as its pattern shifting visuals and actual information content (the music…) I learned synthesizer programming at Mills College on Buchla and Moog systems, which drove my need for computer control. My first computer was a KIM-1 with a massive 1K of RAM, that had to be programmed entirely by hand. Not quite as clumsy as the Altair 8800 that had to be toggled by hand for each entry, but close enough to get a real feel for the bits and bytes at the most primitive level. That evolved into 15 years as computer programmer/analyst, while still playing jazz, funk and soul both locally in the Monterey, CA area or with Latin jazz star Willie Bobo on tour as a pianist, synthesist or organist, depending on context, and taking classes in programming and artificial intelligence. Check out my music at The Soundsmith if you are interested.



“Quantum Mysticism?”

All of this melded into the morass that is my subconscious, and marinated for a few decades until – voilà, here I am, apparently a ‘quantum mystic.’ Whoda thunk it? (Actually, I would prefer to refer to myself as a Scientific Spiritualist™, thank you very much…) At least I have insinuated myself into a very august gathering: Quantum Mysticism: Gone but Not Forgotten

How did I evolve/devolve into this realization? The first step was a frontispiece from an Encyclopedia Americana I received as a child. Every volume had the same picture on both inner covers – a diagram of the electromagnetic frequency spectrum, from D.C. to light. In the middle were areas for sound vibration, radio and TV waves, heat and light. So I began to view the world as something that corresponded to various frequency ranges – audio, light etc.


Alternative religious explorations beginning in my late teens turned up the idea that this world is illusory (the Buddha,) that all that exists is Now (Zen,) and, of course, “Let There Be Light,” i.e., the photon. Einstein claimed that God does not play dice with the universe. Probably.God playing dice

As time went on and the universe continued to expand, other out-of boundaries searches added elements of basic Newtonian science and a smattering of Einstein (more of a smash than a smatter, but s’no matter…)

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Timeline of the Universe click for larger

Real Mysticism

Alternate reality methodologies have been described that allow “primitive” tribal shamans and practitioners of various practices considered to be “Dark Arts” by The Church to explore what present as different landscapes, but mutually experienced and shared visions and actions, thus qualifying as some form of reality that does not directly interact with this one. (The Teachings of Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda,for example, is a map for some ancient but fully repeatable methods of mutually verifiable explorations of alternate worldviews as one exemplar.) Thus I learned that such realities were attainable, with the proper techniques (or that I had fallen for a hoax, but that does not appear to be the case, though the controversy goes on.)

Still later I saw the video of The Secret, where, despite the self-proclaimed “channelers,” the annoying mystics and the “uplifting” self-help sub-text, I was exposed to “Dr. Quantum”, AKA Dr. Fred Alan Wolfe, and his graphic explanation of the Double Slit Experiment. and was reminded that “nothing touches.” And if nothing touches, nothing needs to touch. Slice thinly with Occam’s Razor and – voila – I Gots Plenty of Nothing! Or, to quote Last Tango In Paris, by Gato Barbieri, “We don’t exist, we are creatures of shadows and mist, we are shadows who dance…”

The next step came when I saw a YouTube video of Dr. Leonard Susskind of Stanford explain the quantum hologram,” and how the leading edge of the expanding universe is the ephemeral, Zen-defined “Now,” and the moment of satori arrived as I clearly saw the connections and significance.

At this point, either your head is spinning (“What’s he talking about?”) or you are already aware of some variation of one or more of these concepts.

Newbies, if you are interested, check out the various explanatory videos and infographs. Those with something to add – or ask – are welcome to join the blog.

(And no donations, ever. Not that kind of church. If we EVER ask, we have been hacked, ignore it.)


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